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How to Use Signage and Online Marketing to Reach Buyers


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How to Use Signage and Online Marketing to Reach Buyers

Chelsea Weigandt

It takes more than one medium to sell anything lately, especially real estate. With today's generation of buyers surveying online listings for their first taste of what's available, it's essential to infuse traditional real estate marketing with an online presence.

Virtual tours, high-quality photographs, live walk-throughs and carefully-designed online listings are every bit as important as hard, on-location signage. In fact, making sure that your signs and online media work together to get your message across is the single best way to market residential and commercial real estate. Here's how:

1. Create a Cohesive Image 

Your business website, complete with photos, professional graphics and easy-to-navigate search features, should be just as beautiful as the signage at each property you list. Using the same fonts and color scheme and the same version of your company's logo will help customers connect what they're seeing in person with the professional image they already experienced online.

The same goes for your social media presence. Your Facebook page, ads and Instagram account (you do have these, right?) should reflect the style and tone of your website and signs. 

2. Stay On Top of Trends

Social media isn't going away anytime soon. Neither is the ever-growing demand for multimedia online. Video, especially live video, is becoming essential for real estate agents, as is having a social media presence and embracing the virtual reality world that's quickly gaining traction.

Virtual-reality home tours, live walk-throughs and videos help prospective buyers get a feel for the layout of a property in a way that photographs alone just can't capture. Making sure your property signage points visitors to a virtual walk-through, video or other media will help promote more engagement and interest that will quickly lead to more offers. 

3. Don't Neglect Content 

Targeted content remains the best way to engage your audience, attract searchers to your video or listing through SEO-friendly keywords and broadcast an authentic, likable voice to potential buyers. Accurate, concise descriptions, infographics, blog posts and even neighborhood video tours all support your mission: to engage your audience, give them valuable information about the property and the area surrounding it and even to make them like and trust you.

When your online content reflects your custom signage, your signage unobtrusively points potential buyers to your content. Your personality and professionalism all go hand-in-hand with the image you're creating through media.

Need help making sure your signage reflects your style, personality and online presence? Contact us at The Redirections Group to make it happen!