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Welcome to the Web: Business Signs Are Not Your Only Option Anymore


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Welcome to the Web: Business Signs Are Not Your Only Option Anymore

Chelsea Weigandt

Did you know that according to the experts at the National Realtor Association, close to 90% of home searches begin on the internet? If this fact shocks you, then you may be one of the thousands of real estate professionals who have yet to explore and begin to leverage the possibilities available with digital marketing. Gone are the days when you could simply pop your sign into the lawn in front of a home and be done. Today, there's a brave new world of online advertising and new customers waiting for you.

Boost for Small Businesses

The internet has been called a "great equalizer," because organizations of all sizes can create a professional online presence and reach consumers around the world. Having a robust website not only promotes your professionalism and branding but also allows you to cost-effectively reach a much wider market than you can with traditional mailings or cold-calling. While larger organizations are likely to have a more significant budget for web design, there are plenty of options that provide smaller businesses with a way to meet customers where they already are — online. When you leverage both online and offline advertising, you're exponentially increasing the overall impact of your advertising dollars. An integrated marketing strategy is key. 

Reinforce Your Brand

When you leverage digital marketing like social media advertising, web banners, email marketing and a website with business signs and printed materials, you're reinforcing your brand image. As long as you keep your messaging consistent, customers will begin to recognize and respect you as a trusted leader in your professional space, providing you with the added benefit of being top-of-mind for recommendations. Business signs are still incredibly important, but they are certainly not the only piece of the marketing puzzle. They do, however, help your customers quickly recall your name, logo, company colors or catchphrase while providing quick access to contact details for your business.

Email and Contact Lists

Creating and cultivating a conversation with prospects can take time before it pays dividends, so it's important to continue interacting on a regular basis. Think of it as a compounding investment. When someone thinks of a real estate need, who will they think of first: someone whose sign happens to be in a yard or someone who sends a bi-weekly or monthly email, plus has a website and a sign in a yard? Reinforcing the message that you are a trusted member of the community through positioning and awareness will net you long-term benefits for your business.

At The Redirections Group, we look for ways to help you build a true footprint within your community — both virtually and physically. We focus on helping you point your customers in the right direction, so they can easily find your products and services when they're needed!