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The Impact of Reviews on Other Marketing Strategies


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The Impact of Reviews on Other Marketing Strategies

Chelsea Weigandt

The Impact of Reviews on Other Marketing Strategies

Are your business reviews holding your organization back from successful growth? While positive business reviews can help drive sales and bring new customers in the door, negative reviews can have the opposite effect and can even impact the ranking of your business on Google or Bing search results. More than half of searchers look on the web for reviews before trying a new business, so you want to have the best possible impression for your business. Here are some of the unfortunate side effects of those disgruntled customers.

Impact of Reviews on Marketing Strategies

When you have negative reviews online, you might not realize the extent of the impact on your marketing. Google utilizes online reviews as a method for ranking your website and providing the best possible prices for advertising, so you might find yourself paying more for advertising than your competitors. Even a single negative review — that hasn't been answered by your business — could be enough to cause customers to have a second thought before using your products or services. Want to boost your rankings both onsite and in search? Cultivate customers who are willing and able to help rate your business and add honest reviews to their rankings. 

Impact of Reviews on Your Business

recent study suggests that nearly 95% of buyers are impacted by online reviews — which can be either an extremely scary or exciting proposition for your business depending on the quality of your reviews. Not only that, but people are often willing to pay more for products and services that have good reviews because the perception is that these are more trusted alternatives to other products. Want to boost your business bottom line? Improve the quality and quantity of your reviews! 

Tips to Improve Your Online Reviews

Improving your online reviews doesn't happen overnight. With a little effort, you can make a shift in the tide of public perception, however. 

  1. Request that your best customers go online and leave a review for your business. You might even provide a small incentive or discount when you receive a link to a published review.

  2. Search for your business online, and see what type of reviews come up. Now, search for your competitors. Look for places that you can dramatically improve your reviews in relation to your competitors.

  3. Actively reply to any negative reviews online and do your best to resolve the problems for the individuals. When prospects see that you're taking the time to respond, the perception is that you care about your customers — even the unhappy ones.

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