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How AI is Affecting Marketing Strategies


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How AI is Affecting Marketing Strategies

Chelsea Weigandt

Marketing has evolved dramatically in the past decades, from door-to-door sales associates to printed marketing to the digital marketing strategies that businesses are using today. One of the most recent additions to the marketer's toolkit is Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI. Marketers are leveraging AI for everything from creating a more personalized experience for prospects online to predicting the future based on past sales trends. 

What is AI, and How Is It Used In Marketing?

Strictly speaking, artificial intelligence refers to the way computers are able to identify specific items and make correlations between them. You're using AI every day when you search on Google, as the search engine giant has algorithms that continually comb through the billions of searches in an endless effort to provide you with the best possible search results. Voice searches on smartphones or audio devices are another way you interact with AI on a regular basis. Computers learn how to interact with data and with other devices, and can actually grow smarter over time. Marketers are expanding their use of AI to personalize the information that individuals see in online advertising, on websites and through chatbot interactions.

Improving Customer Interactions

Nearly everyone follows a different buying journey: some start searching for a product or service based on a recommendation while others are reacting to advertising. Brands that are able to meet customers where they are in their customer journey and customize the steps that individuals follow are less likely to lose prospects to message fatigue or frustration. AI is helping marketers determine the "next-best" action that will encourage prospects to become customers, and customers to expand their engagement with the brand.

Predicting Future Actions

If 78% of customers naturally take a specific action after reading a specific website page, you can begin predicting the number of people who will take that specific action based on a stimulus in the future. The millions of data points that are available to marketers today provide the ideal springboard for predictive analytics. These data points can be overwhelming, making it crucial to determine the information that will help you encourage customers to take action. 

There are many applications for artificial intelligence, from customizing the user journey to predicting upcoming changes in the sales cycle. At The Redirections Group, we stay up-to-date on the latest technology to ensure that we can help our clients grow their business. Want to see how to leverage AI and other advances in creating a marketing strategy for your business? Contact the digital marketing professionals at The Redirections Group today at 614-846-SIGN or visit us online anytime.