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Addressing Privacy Concerns in Today's Digital Marketing


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Addressing Privacy Concerns in Today's Digital Marketing

Chelsea Weigandt


Marketing today is all about gathering as much data as possible, so you're able to tailor the messaging to each audience — and individual. Data captures are found everywhere: from newsletter sign-up forms to registrations for a website or even using your store card at grocery stores. Individuals are becoming extremely wary of providing their personal information as they know they're likely to be inundated with information that may not have value for them. The government is getting involved and creating compliance hurdles that marketers will need to address. With all these sources of frustration around data, what's a smart marketer to do?

Data Privacy Laws

Recent news stories about Facebook and their extensive use of customer data as well as breaches from organizations such as Equifax have caused consumers to be extremely wary of marketers and their nefarious data-gathering schemes. Privacy bills are flowing through the national as well as state governments, making it challenging for marketers to stay in touch with the current requirements on their data gathering and use. 

Gaining Customer Trust

With the growing unease of consumers regarding the use of their data, it's more important than ever that brands grow the level of trust with their customers. This starts with being clear and transparent about the data that's being gathered and showing consumers over time that you will not abuse their confidence in their brand. Your data gathering techniques should provide plenty of opportunities for customers to opt out — no one wants to feel that they've been "tricked" into surrendering their personal information in return for something that has limited long-term value. That starts with delivering information that customers will use, choose and value. 


Providing True Value

Providing true value with each interaction is a key part of marketing today, and one of the main reasons that customers will find your data collection efforts acceptable. This starts with every interaction you have with customers, as you attempt to surprise and delight them throughout the customer journey. This can manifest in a variety of ways:

  • Customizing the emails that are sent to returning customers versus new customers

  • Sharing quick, personalized follow-up emails after purchases to ensure customers are delighted and asking for feedback

  • Promoting website landing pages that don't force customers to share the same information multiple times

  • Creating an overall seamless experience from the first interaction to the last

There are some organizations who truly understand how to customize the user experience, such as Amazon, Zappos and even Walmart. Look at the strategy that each of these organizations applies to your daily interactions as a consumer, and leverage those ideas in your own data-driven marketing

To become a true partner for your customers, it's important to be respectful of your customers' time and providing value to each interaction. At The Redirections Group, we focus on marketing in full compliance with all legal requirements as well as creating a deeper relationship with customers. Contact us today at 614-846-7446 or fill out our quick online form to see how we can help create a personalized marketing strategy.