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Social Media's Influence on Digital Marketing


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Social Media's Influence on Digital Marketing

Chelsea Weigandt

Social Media's Influence on Digital Marketing

At The Redirections Group, our professionals are here to help your business succeed. Many businesses are pursuing digital advertising, more specifically, social media advertising, because of its potential. Let's take a look at the impact social media can have on marketing strategy.

The Issues

Organic Reach Shifts

As SEO advances, we see organic reach diminish. Three of the Big Four tech companies continue to create technology driven by AI, as well as design more exacting algorithms. By considering factors like consumers' predicted interest and recency of marketers' posts, social media sites quickly decide what posts will display in their feed.

A Reduction of Trust

Traditional business posts on social media are empty. They are designed to dazzle, and it doesn't work. Studies show that users are disinterested in the average business page and that it actually makes them unhappy. Consumers no longer put the trust in traditional advertising that they do in other consumers' endorsements. Over half report considering reviews and user-generated content before buying.

The Answer

Although marketing via social media has been altered, it means that marketers have to adapt to uphold consumer relations. Therefore, necessity calls for a shift in the most relevant content. Business content should now be truly informative and helpful. Users should take part in more than just clicking the "Like" button. Businesses should post content that is thought-provoking and engaging.   

The Key Benefits of Social Media for a Business

  • Established Brand Awareness- Using any or several of many possible methods (e.g., social focus [which network(s) would be most productive for me?], social media contests, freebies, local partnerships), brand awareness can be increased between customers via social media.

  • Boosted Social Communication- Likes & Shares help advance SEO endeavors; however, Comments not only establish a dialogue between a business and a user but between fellow users, as well. People tend to trust word-of-mouth.

  • Realized Mutual Insight- By listening to customers' insights and networking with them, a business can better grasp their interests, and thus, their needs. They can then adapt to them.

  • Enhanced Customer Service- Via social media, grievances and questions can be addressed quickly. Customers who need assistance, at the very least, feel they need it right away, so in many cases, that is how it needs to be addressed.

  • Improved Cost-Efficiency- Social media is the most cost-efficient marketing platform. Many social media giants allow businesses to advertise at no cost.

  • Elevated Sales- Ramping up social media exposure drives traffic to the business, which turns potential customers to real ones.

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