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Understanding Customer Buying Cycles for Marketing


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Understanding Customer Buying Cycles for Marketing

Chelsea Weigandt


Consumers today see thousands of brands and messages per day, making it more difficult than ever before for brands to create a cohesive message that's remembered when customers are ready to make a purchase. Digital advertising that flies at readers from all directions creates an overwhelming feeling, to the point that consumers can actually tune out the messages — even if they're relevant or for an item that the shopper is looking for. Websites and digital advertising have fundamentally changed the sales funnel, which traditionally was straightforward and involved shepherding a prospect through various stages of engagement with a brand until they ultimately made a purchase and became an ongoing customer. Buying cycles in the digital age are radically different, with nearly 60% of shoppers buying items with their mobile devices instead of in a store. 

Stages of the Journey

Consumers still go through stages of the buying journey, but they have shifted from the more traditional model to look something like this:

  • Recognition of a need ("I have a problem, and I need something to help me solve it.")

  • Research into potential solutions. 

  • Evaluating the various options that are available on the market. 

  • Making the purchase. 

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the purchase after the fact. 

Nurturing customers at each stage of the buying process is vital to your brand's success. 

Creating a Marketing Engine

While digital marketing has caused some unique challenges and hurdles for brands who wish to interact directly with consumers, this type of marketing is also attractive for many reasons. Most importantly, you can create an automated sales funnel that meets shoppers where they are in their buying journey and provide them with the tools and information that they need to make a buying decision. This could include everything from content marketing such as blog posts which help educate consumers to an email campaign that "drips" small tidbits of information to customers to keep their attention over time. Online reviews are also a big part of the digital marketing sphere, as the vast majority of consumers tend to read online reviews before making purchases — especially larger purchases such as vehicles, furniture or other valuable items. 

Customers do not follow a linear path to purchase — instead, they often find their way to a virtual cart or physical store through a series of stops and starts along their buying journey. When you create a solid marketing and communication strategy for your brand, it's easier for your brand to maintain visibility with distracted customers. Signage plays an essential part in visually connecting consumers with your brand. See how the professionals at The Redirection Group can help you create high-visibility signage to reinforce your brand. Contact us today or fill out our online form to receive a quick call back.