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3 Key Differences Between Marketing and Advertising


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3 Key Differences Between Marketing and Advertising

Chelsea Weigandt

Whether you have been in business for years or are just starting out, there are some concepts that continue to be confusing. For instance, what are the true differences between marketing and advertising, and how do you know which strategies to utilize and when? Marketing and advertising have the same goal  to increase the scope of your business, driving more sales and customers through your doors. However, there are three key differences that you should know about when considering your next campaigns. 

1. Marketing is the Holistic Customer Experience

Even the most complex, multi-channel paid advertising campaigns do not encompass the whole of the customer experience as marketing does. Marketing can include a range of tactics, from rebranding and updating your brand's color palette to social media advertising and events. Marketing includes all of the various touchpoints that your organization can possibly have with a customer. Research, pricing strategies, product placement and promotion are all facets of marketing.

2. Advertising is (Nearly) Always Paid

There may be a few instances where you luck upon some free advertising opportunities. In general, advertising is a tactic where businesses "pay to play"  from pay-per-click Google or Bing ads to social media advertising placements targeted to reach a highly specific audience. Online advertising can also include placements inside mobile apps, retargeting of individuals based on their website browsing history and more. Unlike traditional forms of print advertising such as magazine or newspapers, online advertising is trackable and often allows you to attribute sales or new customers directly to a specific advertisement or message.

3. Marketing and Advertising Require Different Skill Sets

While both marketing and advertising require knowledge of analytics in our intensely digital world, advertising is more often the realm of journalists or writers. These professionals are the masters of tweaking a specific word or headline to deliver enhanced campaign results. Marketers may tend to be more generalist or business-focused in nature, as they need to understand advertising, branding, event promotions, customer journeys, public relations and more. However, both marketing and advertising require an extensive knowledge of customer needs and pain points, and how their particular project or brand will help improve the customer's life in a tangible and definable way. 

Serving your customers at all levels is bigger than just marketing and advertising, as it brings together the entire purpose of your organization. Perhaps it's easiest to think of advertising as a spectrum in the marketing lens, allowing you to reach out to specific subsets of your audience in a very targeted way. At The Redirections Group, we can help you modernize your marketing strategy. Contact us today at 614-846-7446 or online anytime. Our experienced professionals truly understand your needs and have been serving businesses in the Ohio area for more than 35 years.