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Rebranding Marketing Collateral


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Rebranding Marketing Collateral

Chelsea Weigandt


Marketing collateral is a double-edged sword — it lives with a customer and reminds them of your presence, but it also has to be periodically updated to remain effective. Many businesses even hesitate to commit to rebranding because they're afraid of losing the impact of their existing marketing collateral. After all, they've invested a lot of time in their messaging and media. But rebranding is often an essential and unavoidable process. Businesses simply need to understand how their marketing collateral can be transitioned.

The Effects of Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral is essentially the embodiment of the company's brand. From brochures to prior customer relationships, everything your company has done — all of its marketing efforts — have been under its old branding. Marketing collateral governs the residual impact of this: all of the marketing messaging that customers still have, their prior perceptions of your brand, and their direct points of contact (such as social media accounts).

Over time, brands work towards building marketing collateral as a method of building customer relationships. Customers know what to expect from a brand because of the psychological collateral that's been built up, and the brand is further emphasized by the physical media that the brand has extended. But that also means that when rebranding, there's a lot of marketing media that has to still be acknowledged.

Branding Through Marketing Collateral

Business cards, catalogs, even profile images on social media accounts — these are all areas through which branding is extended via marketing collateral. These are marketing materials that have already been produced and are still expected to yield returns for the business, whether these returns are regarding brand awareness or lead generation. They're marketing materials that "live" with the customer, such as calendars, rulers, and pens, or digital items that appear on a customer's dashboard and smartphone.


Building a brand is difficult. It requires a lot of work to convey a company's mission and its values to its customers. By being consistent across all avenues, businesses can reinforce their brand. But that also means that they can potentially lose momentum through the rebranding process.

Fitting it All Together

All of this also means that by leveraging your marketing collateral, you can pivot to a new brand more effectively. All the pieces are there — they simply need to be modified. That includes direct mail, point-of-sale kiosks, press releases, media kits, and other physical marketing efforts. All of this gives weight to a new brand and identity.

And now it's important to remember digital media as well, from native apps that live on your customer's phone to the email marketing and social media messaging that is periodically sent out. Not only does this need to be consistent in terms of visual branding, but also in tone and voice.

The process of rebranding is a long but necessary one. Every brand, no matter how entrenched, has to update itself every once in a while to fit in with a new generation of consumer. And it doesn't have to be hard. Contact The Redirections Group to learn how we can create signage to help rebrand your company.