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How Is Voice Search Impacting Marketing?


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How Is Voice Search Impacting Marketing?

Chelsea Weigandt

Siri, Alexa, Cortana  from phones to smart hubs, personal assistants are now available at your beck and call. New technology has made it trivial for users to quickly search the internet using nothing more than their voice, and that can have some impact on the results they receive as well. Here's what you should know.

The Growing Popularity of Voice Queries

Experts estimate that anywhere between 30 percent to 50 percent of all search queries will be done by voice by 2020. It's easy to see why. Smart home technology is becoming more common, and every modern smartphone is capable of voice-directed queries. As voice recognition technology and artificial intelligence become more reliable, it becomes easier to use voice queries to find exactly what you want.

However, though voice queries are sent to the same services (such as Google and Bing), they aren't necessarily parsed in the same way. Voice queries operate differently, which means marketing to consumers using voice queries has to be handled differently.

Voice Queries and Marketing Strategies

  • It's now more important to be one of the first few listings. Users are only going to wait for a few results to be listed out to them before they select one. When using a voice query, they often can't easily review a whole page of results, and they are very unlikely to view a second set of results entirely.

  • Local advertising is changing. Voice queries often include the location of the user, which means when searching for "bakeries" they're really searching for "bakeries in San Francisco, CA." This is an excellent opportunity for businesses that rely upon local clientele, but it also means they need to tailor their content to that local clientele.

  • People are asking questions. Rather than trying to find a general business, such as "grocery stores," people are more likely to ask a direct question such as "Where can I find Camembert cheese?" To capture this audience, marketers have to direct their content towards answering these types of questions.

  • It's more important to be readable. For a time, many websites were focusing primarily on the look and visual feel of their sites. Now, sites need to move in the other direction: they have to provide readable content that doesn't rely solely on visuals to impart information. 

The Ultimate Impact of Voice Search

Voice search is an opportunity rather than a complication. For marketers, voice search improves the chances that users are looking for their content when they find it, thereby bringing in better leads that are more likely to be retained. Content is personalized on a per user basis through smartphones, smart hubs, and search engines themselves, making users more likely to be satisfied with the results they get.

Voice search is only one of the many ways in which marketing is swiftly changing. The world of digital marketing changes from day to day, as new technologies are introduced, and users find new ways of interacting with the world around them. To keep up with the changes happening in the digital marketing arena, make sure to follow us at The Redirections Group.