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Client Spotlight - The Pulte Group


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Client Spotlight - The Pulte Group

Chelsea Weigandt

At The Redirections Group, we create signage that makes a difference. Our signs help attract attention to draw interest and sell properties for our client, The Pulte Group, and their housing developments. We design signs specific to their needs, adapting to the areas they represent. Our latest signs can be found in the new development coming soon, Tarlton Meadows at Hillard. Listed below is a quick representation of the types of signs featured by Pulte Group and how they drive traffic.

Lot Signs

Lot signs indicate which homes are for sale and which homes have already sold. As one of our most popular options, we use heavy-duty H-stakes for easier installation in hard ground under development. Easy to read, these signs are featured throughout new home construction phases with pricing and availability. These signs are also branded with The Pulte Group website and contact phone numbers for additional accessibility.

Weekend Directional Signage

Weekend Directional signs have been a staple for new home builders, as they provide assistance for clients who are actively looking, or out roaming and have an interest in a new home development or apartment community. Usually located outside the community, they tell where the property is located and how to get there. This successfully draws potential buyers and clients, even in this era of mobile technology.

Real Estate Signage

Our premium real estate signs are full-color, digitally printed panes with sturdy, powder coated steel frames. They attract and keep attention throughout the many Pulte Homes communities we serve. These are durable signs that provide the details that matter.

Importance of Informational Signage

Signage is key in providing information. As a major marketing tool for businesses, signs help draw interest in the product being advertised, and work for passing motorists, on buildings or billboards, on lawns and other effective uses based on industry and need. Signage is also just as important as a website, because it tells your story and where they can find you. Numerous studies indicate signage is an advertising and branding tool that can generate up to a 75 percent increase in your customer base and referrals.  

The Pulte Group Communities

Our signage can be found throughout Pulte Homes communities in Columbus, including Meadows at Spring CreekGolf Village North, Glenross, Jerome Village, Retreat at Sycamore Creek, Woodbine Village and Brookview Manor. These beautiful communities have distinctive qualities that attract certain clientele, and our signs help bring those families to their new homes.

Are you using signage effectively? Do you need to attract new clients or get your business noticed? Give us a call today to see what types of signs may be of interest to you and how we can customize them to help grow your business.