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Top 5 Real Estate Advertising Signs that Sell Properties


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Top 5 Real Estate Advertising Signs that Sell Properties

Chelsea Weigandt


Real estate is all about the location, right? Unfortunately, even the best location won't perform well on the market if potential buyers don't even notice it when they drive by. Adding real estate signs to the property can fix that. 

Despite the internet, incredible agency listings and an array of multimedia advertising, a property without eye-catching signage isn't likely to draw as many prospective buyers or offers. But the right professional signage can make a world of difference. This overview of the top 5 types of real estate signs will give you an idea of where to start! 

A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs are a freestanding, affordable and a completely portable option to grab attention, attract people to an open house or available property or to direct people around the neighborhood. Because they fold flat for transport and are light enough to reposition easily, they're a great option for commercial or residential properties. At The Redirections Group, we use high-quality Signicade Plastic A-Frame type signs, on which you can customize your message in a vivid, eye-catching display. 


If you usually just think of balloons as decorations for a child's birthday party, it's time to think again. Vibrant balloons are a fun, eye-catching way to attract the attention of potential buyers! Our DuraBalloon® system ensures perfectly-inflated balloons that stay upright on rigid stems and easily lock into place. A ground stake sinks into the ground for landscape mounting, while a ground plate keeps it from sliding down too far. Just choose your colors, and you've got the perfect way to attract attention, especially for open houses. 


Banners are truly the all-purpose sign option, and they give you plenty of space to get your message across! Vinyl banners are crafted from solid, professionally-hemmed sheets of vinyl designed to withstand the weather. Mesh banners, on the other hand, are perfect for hiding scaffolding, limit visibility around a job site and allow airflow, all while creating a decorative fence screen. For a freestanding banner sign, invest in high-quality stands that ensure your banner is highly visible and easy to mount. 

Feather Blade Flags

These small flags pack an eye-catching punch, especially when used in groups of two or more. They quickly snag attention, lure visitors in with their vibrant colors and make a great way to lead prospective buyers into an open property.

Professional Real Estate Agent Listing Signage 

When you think of the quintessential real estate listing sign, this is what you have in mind: a durable, vivid sign in a sturdy steel frame, mounted in front of new properties. Post and panel signs or steel-framed signs are the best options. Our premium signs are digitally printed, full-color on both sides and framed in incredibly sturdy powder-coated steel frames that are made to look great in any weather. 

Have questions about upgrading your real estate signage? Contact us today at The Redirections Group! We'd love to help you put together the perfect combination of sign options to promote your properties.