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How Can Green Building be Beneficial?


The Redirections Group Blog


How Can Green Building be Beneficial?

Chelsea Weigandt


They say it’s not easy being green, yet building green is getting easier all the time! To understand why, it’s important to know what the term means, and why “green” methods are ideal not just for environmental wellness, but for human and economic health as well.

What is “Green Building”?

Structures built using green practices are designed to be earth-friendly, as well less toxic for the people living and working in or near them. To be considered truly green, these buildings must make efficient use of water, energy and other resources, while doing everything possible to protect the health of those residing or working there.

Green buildings should include systems that help avoid waste while reducing air, land and water pollution. At the same time, the home or workspace has to be functional and comfortable for occupants.

What are the Benefits of Green Building?

Modern designs and building practices ensure that functionality, comfort and “green” ideals work in harmony. The benefits of green building practices include:

Environmental Benefits: Given that “green” as a building practice takes its name from healthy plant life, it’s not a surprise that kindness to the environment is a key benefit of green building. To be truly green, a building must reduce pollution and preserve the surrounding environment, as well as cut greenhouse emissions and the amount of generated trash. Building green also needs to result in significant water and energy savings.

Economic Advantages: Of course, buildings which require less energy cost far less to heat and power. This results not just in lower energy bills, but in lower operational and maintenance costs. Green practices are also shown to translate to greater asset values. Finally, they add jobs to the building industry, from component creation to construction.  


Social Gains: Studies show that people living and working in buildings with measurably superior air quality perform better on cognition tests. Additional studies found that healthier buildings increase worker productivity, and not just because of less sick time, but in terms of better overall performance.  

Columbus has “Green” Fever!

Columbus, Ohio is on the forefront of green building practices. Special initiatives have been developed for area builders committed to going green — including this month’s featured customer, Rockford Homes. This respected company is a participant in the EnergyCrafted program.

Developed by Columbia Gas of Ohio, EnergyCrafted is a set of standards that ensures the greenest possible building practices. These structures are inspected by third-party professionals to confirm that they are energy-efficient, along with being comfortable and functional.

Do you have some favorite green building techniques, or are you interested to know what can be done to achieve your specific goals? Contact us at The Redirections Group to continue the “green” conversation! And click here to see a list of all EnergyCrafted builders in the Columbus area.